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Beloved I searched for you across the earths and skies for eons
and still you eluded me.
Once I met a river and asked if he had seen you
He answered that I should sit by his side and listen closely
that maybe I might hear you
I sat for a while but grew restless and moved on

I traveled a thousand years until I met an old man on the road and I asked him if he had seen you. Bent in half and grey of beard, he answered that I should sit under a tree and listen, that perhaps I might find you in the stirring of the leaves.
I sat for a while but after a while my heart grew anxious and I carried on my way.

I walked and walked until my weary body grew wrinkled and my hair became as grey as the clouds.
One night I could walk no further and stumbled and collapsed at the side of the sea with my face turned upwards to a black blanket of stars.
I asked the sea where you were, my Beloved and she replied that if
I sat quietly with her that I might find you.

Unable to move my weary body any further I laid by the sea and gazed up at the night sky full of stars, hoping to maybe see you there but you were not there. So I closed my tired, sad eyes and relinquished all hope of ever finding you.

And then I saw You. Bathed in glorious light within my heart. There you were smiling sadly back at me. There you were for a thousand and thousand years. For all my journeys across the earths and over galaxies searching for you in stars and storms, you were always with me my Beloved and all I needed do was turn my gaze upon my own weary, lonely heart.

Phoenix Olivia

Babes and Castles

Babes and Castles

Babes and Castles

The Lost Ones

Once we were lost in flame and dust
The winter stirs within
Remove the stain  and the glass
While the farmer cries again

Climb the ladder to the deep
Shadows fall to blot the sun
Mercy has no time
She lives in his wings now

Starlight circles the well
Father calls his witching spell
You don’t see the words written on my skin
Formed in scars and silk and dust

The years float by
And the man in black is still walking on walls
While this bouquet lays in the ground
Wet with tears and sparkles from last nights song

Phoenix Olivia

Lost Castles

How easily and quickly love turns to hate.
One glance. One word and what once was warm is now an iced knife cutting and tearing.
A winter wind blowing through the cavity left open.

What has happened to us? We used to be young and full of love and play.
Now we’re old, hard, bitter and haven’t even seen 30 solar spins.
My heart is ice. Your words are flame. Searing my soul. Making ashes of me. Ashes of us.

How did this happen. How did this become us?
I’m lost in the dark searching for a kind face, a kind word, a familiar touch. A safe place. Home.
But only shards glare back. Silence.

We have lost each other.
Both out in the cold. Exiled. Walking a lonesome road covered with broken memories and guilty fragments.
Where did we go wrong? How did we come to this? Where do I go? Where are you going?

My heart is crushed. Wretched beyond console. Hours of darkness plod on. I have no sight of the way out.
When was it that we lost our grace?

Can we find a way back? I want to find a way back.
How easily a castle can be destroyed.

Phoenix Olivia


My love
where have you gone
My heart longs for you
the nights are cold and long

Your love flows through me dear one
I am no champion without you
my lies are seen by naked eyes in the dark

My fire is burnt out
the noise is shattering
where is the love we once had
gone so soon
like a trailing voice in the mist

we all must suffer the same fate of loneliness
long is the road to love
but sometimes it’s shorter than expected
I will always be waiting for you

i will stand by your grave until the red god comes for me
Then I will go willingly if only to see your face at the end of the darkness

Phoenix Olivia

Life in the BVI

I recently moved to Tortola BVI to experience life in the Caribbean. It’s always been a dream to live here, so here I am. These are my photos.

Off to Hawaii!

I arrived in Hawaii safely and a little bit tipsy. Here are some of my first shots taken.


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