Photography and Writting Blog of a Traveller

DJ-ing Photographer

Over the past 7 years I’ve been struggling to balance my two unrelenting passions – DJ-ing and Photography. Both pursuits brought me profound joy and thrill but I found it impossible to cultivate both simultaneously.

For years I oscillated back and forth between the two desires – one time developing the one while neglecting the other, which inevitably resulted in a sad longing and a feeling of something missing. The difficulty in balancing the two came out of the fact that both pursuits required a major amount of focus, time and dedication, a combination not easily multiplied by two. A battle for supremacy. Who will win 100% of my attention? Only one can reign. I could only perceive a win-loose solution.

Sadly I have no elaborate description of events to tell you of how matters evolved. All I can say is that it’s only in recent times that I’ve inexplicably come to a place of peace on the entire situation of balancing the two muses. DJing and Photography have somehow found a harmony within me, and time is now passing with the two paths intertwining upon each other in perfect symmetry.

Above is a DJ mix and Below is one of my favorite photographs taken while traveling to Uganda. I hope you enjoy them both.

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