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Off to Hawaii!

I arrived in Hawaii safely and a little bit tipsy. Here are some of my first shots taken.


Egypt. I made it at last.

From the age of 14 I’ve been obsessed with Egypt. Ever since I saw the first documentary on the mystery of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, I made a decision I would see Egypt in the flesh before my days were over. Last June the time had come. I bought my ticket, secured my seat on a young travelers tour group and off I went see the handiwork of the ancients.

The heat was astonishing. Forty five Degrees Celsius from sun up to sun down and with little wind. Cairo was a nut house of car honking, yelling and frantic tourists. By day 7 I had heat stroke and spent 2 days laying in my air conditioned room taking cold showers ever hour.

Day 9 we were out of the city and of to the sites and temples. There is no way I can even attempt to put into words my experience of seeing all those monuments, artifacts and hieroglyphics as I’m still struggling to make sense of it all. The grandness of scale was so far beyond what you have seen in photos and videos that it needs to be experienced first hand in order to really understand how small you are in the whole scheme of life.

Dahab was a relief from the cities with relaxation and ocean breeze to help me try to understand all that I had seen. I can safely say though, that 7 months later I’m not much closer to having assimilated, digested or even comprehend the magnitude of the ancient Egyptians’ creations. A second trip is in order.

My Exhibition now featured on Social Documentary.Net

I was just honored by my photo essay on the Children of Uganda being featured on the website “Social Documentary”

Upon traveling to Uganda in 2007 I came across the phenomenon of children making up 60% of the population. HIV/AIDS, Malaria and war has resulted in massive loss of adult life, this coupled with a basic lack of safe sex education has led to a major population of homeless and abandoned children throughout Uganda. These are their portraits.

View the exhibition on Social here :

Featured on “Woman of the Week”

I was lucky enough to be invited by Dolly Hopkins for an interview about my creative process. Copy and paste the link below into your browser window to see it.

Back from Cuba

What a magical place. No where have I been where people were so friendly and welcoming. Strangers will return a smile and a wave instantly and yet there was rarely ever the sense that anyone was trying to get something from you. The hustler factor only seemed to exist in the highly touristic areas.

Apart from the immensely beautiful people, what stuck me the most was the architecture of the county. From multicolored, dilapidated buildings to cathedrals and mansions from the 1500s, the Cuban urban landscape is nothing short of breathtaking.

Latest Fashion Work

Below is a sample of some of my latest fashion photography. Right now I’m working on developing my portfolio and my artistic vision. Stay tuned.

Recent Vancouver Street Photography

I’ve just recently started getting into Street Photography. At first I was a bit apprehensive to start photographing random strangers out in the street, especially the jaded and skeptical Vancouverite.

However I decided to brave it and take my camera out for a day of stealthy shooting. My first tentative attempts at capturing unsuspecting folk going about their daily business went unchallenged and hence my courage grew.

I kept on shooting and every now and again I would get the odd glare, but overall most people either didn’t notice or didn’t care. But for the few people who did care and gave me the evil eye, I discovered something that I didn’t know before.

The secret to effective and productive street photography is not to care. The photographer must realize that he/she has a job to do, a duty to their art, a determination that no matter what, one must create.