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My short life in Sorrento


After a 2 day journey involving four flights across 2 time zones, I’ve made it to Sorrento Italy. The sky was overcast and grey but the mountain views were still magical with a thick veil of fog and rain.  Looking out over my cute little european balcony I see people hurrying along under umbrellas of blues, whites and polkadots.

To be honest I was quite happy with the weather being the way it is because now I have an excuse to lay in bed and recover from jet lag. However my obsession with Cathedrals and the fine art housed inside gave me enough motivation to wander out into the drizzling rain to go investigate the St Antonio church just half a block down the street. To my delight mass was in session. I would be able to lurk in the back and soak up the ceremonial process and hear the choir sing in Italian.

The art was not the best I’ve seen but it is always fascinating to see how different religious artists depict the various icons and moments from their scripture. The golds, blues and whites were rich and vibrant, while the sculptures were bigger than life.

As the mass began to wrap up, I made a stealthy exit and retreated back to my quarters where I quickly assumed the horizontal position. Eye patch on, ear plugs in, I soon descended into the depths of a black unconsciousness and remained in a dreamless state for 10 hours.


International Village Food Court – Chinatown’s quiet little secret

It’s 11:30am on a Friday in the International Village of Chinatown, and the food court is empty. I’m starving and I know this is my best chance of finding something to eat in a pinch. All the vendors are open and I head directly to the Thai Kitchen counter and order a Pad Kee Mao. I sit and wait. People start trickling in by the ones and twos. Eventually a group of five show up who look like a grandparent set and three grandkids. By 11:45am the Taco Time is getting the most action of all the joints. My food arrives steaming hot, and my  nose if filled with the sting of pepper and cilantro. Despite the heat I dive in and a familiar joy washes over me. Nothing like Thai Food. By noon there are still only a handful of patrons. Two elderly Asian men, a middle aged Philippino couple, a young woman and the family of five. The Taco Time is still the main attraction. I’m certain I got the better deal.

Not many tourists know of this little escape from the hustle and bustle of the Chinatown sights and shopping, but it’s a reprieve that is filled with a variety of foods options for a reasonable price. Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai and Western palettes abound, and nothing is over the $15 range for a sizeable meal. However, most appealing of all is the relatively low number of people that take advantage of this little refuge, so you will be able to enjoy your delicious meal in peace and quiet.

Babes and Castles

Babes and Castles

Babes and Castles

Life in the BVI

I recently moved to Tortola BVI to experience life in the Caribbean. It’s always been a dream to live here, so here I am. These are my photos.

Latest Fashion photography from my trip to Uganda

This was shot during a music video shoot of Ugandan RnB artist Michael Ross.