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Back from Cuba

What a magical place. No where have I been where people were so friendly and welcoming. Strangers will return a smile and a wave instantly and yet there was rarely ever the sense that anyone was trying to get something from you. The hustler factor only seemed to exist in the highly touristic areas.

Apart from the immensely beautiful people, what stuck me the most was the architecture of the county. From multicolored, dilapidated buildings to cathedrals and mansions from the 1500s, the Cuban urban landscape is nothing short of breathtaking.


Latest Fashion Work

Below is a sample of some of my latest fashion photography. Right now I’m working on developing my portfolio and my artistic vision. Stay tuned.

Recent Vancouver Street Photography

I’ve just recently started getting into Street Photography. At first I was a bit apprehensive to start photographing random strangers out in the street, especially the jaded and skeptical Vancouverite.

However I decided to brave it and take my camera out for a day of stealthy shooting. My first tentative attempts at capturing unsuspecting folk going about their daily business went unchallenged and hence my courage grew.

I kept on shooting and every now and again I would get the odd glare, but overall most people either didn’t notice or didn’t care. But for the few people who did care and gave me the evil eye, I discovered something that I didn’t know before.

The secret to effective and productive street photography is not to care. The photographer must realize that he/she has a job to do, a duty to their art, a determination that no matter what, one must create.


DJ-ing Photographer

Over the past 7 years I’ve been struggling to balance my two unrelenting passions – DJ-ing and Photography. Both pursuits brought me profound joy and thrill but I found it impossible to cultivate both simultaneously.

For years I oscillated back and forth between the two desires – one time developing the one while neglecting the other, which inevitably resulted in a sad longing and a feeling of something missing. The difficulty in balancing the two came out of the fact that both pursuits required a major amount of focus, time and dedication, a combination not easily multiplied by two. A battle for supremacy. Who will win 100% of my attention? Only one can reign. I could only perceive a win-loose solution.

Sadly I have no elaborate description of events to tell you of how matters evolved. All I can say is that it’s only in recent times that I’ve inexplicably come to a place of peace on the entire situation of balancing the two muses. DJing and Photography have somehow found a harmony within me, and time is now passing with the two paths intertwining upon each other in perfect symmetry.

Above is a DJ mix and Below is one of my favorite photographs taken while traveling to Uganda. I hope you enjoy them both.

Street Photography of Kampala

Kampala Uganda is a bustling, vibrant and smoggy world of chaos. With a population of more that 1,500,000 the capital city is congested and sweltering, but amidst all this, there is a wash of beauty and color that is astonishing to behold.


Blessed by Umoja
Well I knew I was off to a good start when I walked into the vancity airport and saw the entire Umoja crew in the checkin line for the same flight as me.

I spent the eight hours on the plane to London chatting with various members, then parted waysat Heathrow as they headed to Jo-burg and I to Kampala.

Now going on my 2nd week in this sunny and bustling city I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to return. Last saturday I was able to spin a reggae/dancehall set to a packed downtown nightclub (“Rouge”) and from that was offered a month residency… a sure sign I’m in the right spot 🙂

I will be posting photos soon so hang tight.

love and smocches from the land of the Sun.